Giverny Capital Advisors is an SEC-registered investment management firm located in Skillman, New Jersey.  We invest in publicly traded companies using a value-oriented approach based on owning a select group of outstanding businesses purchased at compelling valuations.  We manage client accounts on an individual basis and invest our own assets in the same companies we recommend to our clients.

Giverny Capital Advisors is affiliated with and works in partnership with Giverny Capital, based in Montreal and founded in 1998 by Francois Rochon.  Although each firm is a separate legal entity, we are one team that works together to select investments for our clients.  Giverny Capital Advisors was founded by Patrick Leger and Francois Rochon.


A lot of people have asked me: “Why the name Giverny?”

Giverny is the name of a small town in France, north of Paris, where Claude Monet lived from 1883 to 1926.  Over the years, he built one of the most beautiful gardens in the world which became the main subject of his paintings in the latter part of his life.

There are two reasons why I named the company “Giverny”.  First, it was in honor of Claude Monet and his creations, both his garden and his paintings.  Second, I often compare the craft of a money manager to that of a gardener: to have a great garden takes decades, not a few months.  To successfully grow great trees and flowers, you have to understand your environment and capabilities.  You have to know the soil, the temperatures, the orientation of the sun, etc.  And to build a garden is a dynamic process where you have to continually take great care of your plants.

But the most important ingredient of all is PATIENCE.  As I always say: “You won’t get much of a garden if you remove a tree after six months because it hasn’t grown fast enough.”  A portfolio needs the same patience.  Great companies weren’t built in a few years.  Like trees, they need decades to blossom.

-Francois Rochon